Athens Hocking Solid Waste District


Abandoned & scrap tires are a top issue in the Athens-Hocking district. Managing their proper disposal is important to keeping communities & residents healthy, safe, and clean.

Proper Management

Tips for proper tire management & disposal:

  • Before purchasing a property, insist that any abandoned tires have been removed by either the seller or realtor. Remember, once you purchase the property, you are responsible for any tires and their proper disposal!
  • When you have your tires changed at a certified location, pay the disposal fee to have them recycled. It’s easier than having them taking up space on your property & having to pay for their disposal.
  • The District holds Scrap Tire Recycling Days! Contact us for dates and additional information.
  • If you up-cycle tires for your garden, landscape or grounds, be sure to create drainage holes to reduce water pooling & mosquito breeding.