Athens Hocking Solid Waste District

Scrap Tire Education & Outreach Project


The Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District, will be undertaken to provide education and outreach to the scrap tire generating businesses (STGBs) in the District (Athens and Hocking Counties) through an Ohio EPA Grant. 

Scrap tire generating businesses include new and used tire retail stores, dealerships, auto mechanic shops and motor vehicle salvage yards.  It is not clear if these businesses are aware of their regulatory obligations related to proper scrap tire management.  Therefore, this effort will focus on promoting proper scrap tire management by providing education and resources to them.  This outreach is expected to reduce scrap tire theft, abandonment and other detrimental issues that result from the improper management of scrap tires.   

The education and outreach effort will include having Molly Blair, our Educator Outreach Coordinator and Educator visit these businesses three (3) times to inform, assist and reward them for:

For background, I encourage you to watch this short video to bring you up to speed.  Click Here!!

I have also included additional information for your review below.  The goal of this program is to reduce the number of tires that are stolen from area businesses, reduce mosquitos and to properly recycle scrap tires by using a registered tire transporter and have shipping papers.  If you know of Scrap Tire Generating Businesses who need a visit or want to meet with us to discuss the project, please give us a call at 740-753-6885 or email me at


Jane Forrest Redfern

District Director

Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District

Data & RESOURCES For Athens & Hocking Counties 2022

For background, I encourage you to watch this short video to bring you up to speed.  Click Here!! (it is only a 2 minutes long.

Scrap Tire Education Program Website & Information-Click Here

County in 2022 Tons of Tires Passenger Tire Equivalents % of Passenger Tires (average) % of Truck Tires (Average) % of Oversized Tires (Average)
Athens 821.62 82,161.52 91.16 7.16 1.66
Hocking 326.00 32,600.00 76.30 18.30 5.30
Total 1,147.62 11,4761.52

This Chart was developed with data from Ohio EPA Scrap Tire Report for 2022 from all sources recycling tires.


Contact Information:

Jane Forrest Redfern, District Director

Molly Blair, Educator Outreach Contractor

Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District

1121 Chestnut Street

Nelsonville, Ohio 45764

(740) 753-6885