Athens Hocking Solid Waste District

Recycling Heroes

2023 Athens-Hocking Recycling Heroes

 Marian Gall, a Hocking County Songwriter and Singer, who crafted, wrote, sang the 30 second Recycle Right Jingle for the District.  The Video on YouTube has over 300 views and has played on local radio stations, events and conferences around Ohio.  The video produced by Alicia Caton and the Jingle was recognized by Ohio EPA as a gem of a recycling video and jingle.  The Jingle was selected as part of our Jingle Contest to promote Recycling Right.

 AmeriCorps Volunteers:  Seth Kern and Emerson Presar (Zero Waste) and Alicia Caton, (AHSWD) for their service as volunteers to promote zero waste and recycling and for collecting tons of materials during their service.

Tim Blair, Green Township Trustee, Hocking County, President of Hocking County Township Association for his many years of service and promoting recycling by hosting and driving of the #1 Drop-off site in the District.

 2023 Recycling Guides: Molly Blair, Jon Jager, Caidence Goldsberry, Hannah May and Patrick Modzelewski, who spent the summer talking with over 1300 recyclers at our eight largest Drop-off sites to reduce contamination in our recycling stream.  We were able to reduce contamination by 18% and 11% of the top contaminants (bagged recyclables, loose plastic film and bags).  The project was funded by the Recycling Partnership and Ohio EPA to develop a Drop-off Contamination program which other solid waste districts can use to reduce contamination at Drop-off sites across Ohio.   These individuals worked 12 hours at each site a week in the sun, heat and rain to chat with recyclers.

 Doug Latz:  Doug has been recycling cans throughout Athens County for approximately 20 years.  He travels by bike and collected and recycled 50 tons of aluminum cans since 2003.

Bruce Underwood, Director of Athens-Hocking Recycling Center for his leadership & service for the last nine years as director, which was responsible for the collection, processing and shipping out 43,508 tons of recyclable materials in the district to be recycled.

 The Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District Policy Committee, who served the District over the last year and assisted in writing and guiding the drafting of the 2025-2040 Athens-Hocking Solid Waste Management Plan.  This plan will be available for public for comment and approval in 2024.

2022 Athens-Hocking Recycling Heroes

 All Recycling Workers and Sanitation Workers, who handled and worked throughout the COVID pandemic.  They did not get to work remotely, but had to go to work every day to serve our community.  We salute these incredible men and women who served all of us through a difficult time.

 Mike Cooper, recently retired from the Athens City-County Health Department for his many years of service and for leading the tire recycling effort in Athens County.  Since 2014, Mike has been instrumental in the no-fault tire cleanup projects in Athens County with 36 separate events, totaling ~178.68 tons of tires, which is comparable to ~17,868 passenger tire equivalents (PTE’s) (1 PTE = 20 lbs).

Wendy Hanna, recently retired from Hocking County Health Department.  She is recognized for her years of service for encouraging safe and clean communities, recycling and tire collection programs.

Passion Works, Athens, County by upcycling otherwise discarded materials and produce environmentally responsible art and items. They create opportunities for all people to explore and socially connect through the process of making art, following the aesthetic lead, talents, and interests of people with developmental differences.

Logan Hocking High School, The Chieftain Complex, Hocking County for placing first of all schools in the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District.  They recycled 61.28 Tons of mixed recycling materials in 2021.

 The Plains Intermediate School, for placing first of all schools in Athens County in the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District.  They recycled 33.77 tons of mixed recycling materials in 2021.

Amesville Elementary School, Athens County for having the most recycling per student in 2021 than any other in the District with 177.73 pounds of mixed recycling per student.

 Green Elementary School, Hocking County for having the most recycling per student in 2021 than any other in the District with 151.37 pounds of mixed recycling per student.

Jody Barnes and Aaron Dye of the Athens County Land Bank and their volunteers, who have been diverting demolition and materials from properties.  The Land Bank has recycled more materials throughout the county including scrap metal, tires, plastic, paper, and materials for reuse.

Ohio University Campus Recycling for their ongoing effort to reduce, reuse and recycle on campus, assistance on recycling events and their work on Move-Out to reuse and recycle materials as the students move out of their dorms. For 2021, Ohio University composted 152.19 tons, recycled 783.94 tons of traditional recycling and 142.53 of special waste diverted from the landfill with a diversion rate of 42.21% for 2021.

Athens County Library System, Hocking County Health Department, Walmart (Logan), Savings Hardware and Laurelville Library for hosting recycling locations for household batteries and cell phones at each of their locations and serving the public.

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